This year Baltic Fest will take place on temporary territory of “Summerland” in 15 km. from Trakai.

GPScoordinates: 54°36’38.7″N 24°45’08.5″E or 54.610751, 24.752363

Individual transport:

While driving turn from the road E28 on the index: AUKŠTADVARIO regioninis parkas. Special feature of this turn –a stone near of a sign. After turn in 50 meters it will be possible to notice a sandpit on the right side. Then drive further by the main road, without turning. The necessary turn and the parking for cars near two private houses will be marked with special tags.

Public transport:

The nearest bus stop to the game location is Kaptiškės. Buses to this stop depart from Vilnius:https://www.autobusubilietai.lt/index.php?lang=0&cl=select&fnc=searchByStopId&travel_from=2412-1&travel_to=511-2,511-1Distance from the stop to the game location is ~2 km (25 min. by feet). After arrival you can contact organizers and ask is there free passing car to the game location. If you plan to arrive at night, in advance contact organizers that they could coordinate and meet you on parking. In case of other difficulties, also contact the organizers.