What are “the live action role-playing games”?

Live action role-playing games (LARPG, LARP, LRP) are the special kind of interactive implementation of different fantasy worlds, such as described in books (for example “The Lord of the Rings”, “The Song of Ice & Fire”, “Merlin”, “Dungeons and Dragons”), or invented by organizers, where each participant choose any character of the game world s/he wish. These worlds have places for warriors and politicians, orcs and elves, traders and bandits, shamans and many other creatures that do not conflict with the specific universe. Participants in all of these games represent a selected character or creature of this world both with his clothes and his thinking.

Who can participate in the role-playing games?

Absolutely anyone. Regardless of age or gender. After reading a book you probably sometimes think “I would have done everything differently!”.  This is the main idea of any Live Action Role-Playing game. Ask yourself, what would you do in a given situation? Now you have the opportunity to experience the fate of your hero and find the answer to your questions! Try it and you won’t regret.  Being a regular character is good, but the possibilities are much wider. In LARP you are surrounded by other characters, and you need to interact with them. Travel the game’s world, relax in a tavern, show your skills in battles and tournaments, survive sieges and much more. It is a wonderful opportunity to temporarily get out of everyday routine.

How does the world come to life?

The team of organizers makes gaming area as similar to the particular fantasy world as possible. Production of total props and different constructions, as well as complete preparation of all gaming locations, special effects, and much more is made by organizers to change the LARP participant’s familiar environment. This year our BF-Team is creating an interactive simulation of the fantasy world called Westeros. The main aspect which makes LARP different from any other event  is that there you do not watch passively but become a part of an event, taking sometimes non-conventional actions, and change not only flow of the game, but the history of the world itself. Main things in any role-playing game are communication, creativity and fun!

The purpose of role-playing games

Role-playing games do not have strict goals unlike, for example, chess. Every player sets his own goals, and chooses whenever to seek their fulfilment alone or together with other players. Fighting, explorations, intriguing, trying to reveal all the mysteries of the World – everything is in your hands. The main goal remains the same: to spend your time in unforgettable and exciting way while sharing good company and atmosphere and enjoying beautiful nature.



All games are based on their backstories. To understand the game world well, it is worthwhile to read the game rules belonging to this game. Knowledge of world’s history helps to see whom you want to be in that world and choose your role. Be it the blacksmith or merchant, soldier or princess, mage or beggar – the character must be integrated into the plot and world of the game. Appropriate equipment and heraldry helps it immensely.


What a knight without a sword? Who is a magician without his spell book? What a dwarf without a beard, and orc without green skin? There are elements of equipment that are required for role-playing games, ranging from shoes to elven ears. Creating your own equipment is a time consuming, but extremely satisfying process. Role-playing games often use outfits similar to historical outfits. Weapons are made from latex or another soft materials and meet aesthetic standards as well as safety.