General information

BALTIC FEST is a big Baltic role-playing game, which every year unites role-playing clubs and players from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other neighbouring countries. Together they make alive fantasy worlds full of interesting adventures, exposing themselves to various dangers, testing their courage and opening up new possibilities. Probably everyone has imagined himself as splendid armor-clad knight battling scores of foes; or a travelling noble lady surrounded by faithful servants? Perhaps an elven archer, felling targets from afar, or even mighty sorcerer, destroying everything on his path. So you are on the right track! Every year we – the team of Baltic Fest organizers – create different game worlds, fill them with fantastic creatures and various races, build camps and forts. Many mysteries awaits you, as well as places to explore, various characters, medieval taverns, battles, tournaments, intrigues and much more in this 4-day adventure in 21-24th. of July. The event territory is located in Lithuania near the town of Trakai. Arrival to the territory and setting up of camps will commence on July 21th. In the evening of the same day organizers register the participants. Early in the morning of July 22th the game starts until and ends in the late evening of July 23th with a grand finale.

Requirements for participants

To represent a medieval-fantasy character, you will need a costume in accordance with the LARP world and your role in it. The costume can wary from plain homemade linen shirts, embroidered trousers and a simple cloak that will cost all in all no more than 20 EUR; to luxurious royal clothes or expensive armours. Its all depends on your taste and the amount of work and resources invested in your equipment. Also, you’ll need to prepare your weapons, mage books, scrolls, bijouterie and other equipment. It will emphasize the importance of your role and show how carefully you are prepared for the game. There are only few restrictions you should follow – not wearing clothes of unnatural colours, sports shoes, watches, mobile phones and other gadgets. These elements of modern life can impair the atmosphere that prevails on the game territory.



During the event you sleep in your own tent in the in-game team camp where you are registered. Your tent should be stylized to the medieval tent as much as you can do it. The easiest way to do this is putting a thick white cloth over the tent and strengthening it with stakes and ropes.


All participants feed themselves independently. In-game tavern trades only light food and drinks. Independent setting of fire in not specially designated areas is prohibited. All food and drinks in the game territory should have the appropriate medieval look. For example, liquids must be poured into wineskins or carefully disguised containers as historical analogues. Food should be carried around in cloth bags. Such attitude to details of everyday life greatly improves the atmosphere of the event.

Parking and other facilities

The event territory is fitted with several toilets, reachable from all camps. The lake located in the game territory is closed for swimming since it has no pier. Place for parking is arranged near the entrance to the territory. Vehicles are forbidden to appear anywhere on the game territory outside of the parking.