LARP of Baltic Fest series this year is based on the “Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM” plot!


…The Fourth Era is coming to an end in Tamriel. The Great War had finished not so long ago by signing the peace agreement between the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion. According to the terms of the agreement worshipping of the god Talos, whom was very popular in the province of Skyrim, became outlawed. Also the Dominion jurisdiction transferred on to the neighbour Hammerfell province. The agreement provided the Dominion a right to judge Talos followers and execute them freely on whole territory of the Empire. The emperor was forced to agree on such conditions because of needs to restore forces of the Imperial Legion, which were totally exhausted by a bloody military campaign.

This agreement did not please inhabitants of the Skyrim and Hammerfell and soon rebellious moods started to spread through the both provinces.

The Empire turn on an edge of a new war. The Civil war…